Toby Haynes Introduces Black Mirror to a New World

toby black mirror.jpg

Toby Haynes has partnered with Charlie Brooker and Netflix, directing the second episode of the highly anticipated fourth series of Black Mirror. Toby is in good company - Jodie Foster and John Hillcoat are also credited as directors on two eps of the six-part series.

According to Brooker, this series will be bolder and more “out there” than ever before, and Toby's episode, USS Callister, is already being lauded as the stand-out. Highly ambitious and aesthetically striking, Callister marks a thrilling departure from what we’ve come to expect from Black Mirror. With a distinctly Star Trek look to match its name, this is the first time the show has looked beyond earth towards the stars.

The recently released trailer for the upcoming series provides a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come when the show airs at an undisclosed time later this year.

Click here to watch the Black Mirror Season 4 trailer and view Toby's reel here.